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Tamsin Cavaliero, Clive Garland
Social Care Ireland: Diversity in Practice
"What's Supervision Got To Do With It?"
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This workshop investigates the challenges and rewards of entering into an on going reflective practice through the process of supervision. It charts the dynamic process of supervision from the authors¿ dual perspectives of a social care practitioner and a supervisor in the form of a dialogue. Focussing on key experiences encountered during practice, through the use of dialogic interludes, the workshop provides an insight into the complexities encountered during a process of engagement with a culturally diverse community. The engagement in a supervisory process can make tangible the often unexpressed and ambivalent dynamics that can shape practice in Welfare services and Care environments. The workshop provides opportunities for participants to reflect on practice situations and to build bridges between forms of emotional thinking (Waddell, 1989), ¿sensuous knowing¿ (Taussig, 1993) and techno-rational knowledge systems that deny the ambiguity of practice. The workshop explores these encounters through different lenses (systemic, psycho-analytic and intercultural) in an attempt to articulate the ¿swampy lowlands¿ (Schon, 1987) and ¿wicked messes of practice¿ (Rittel and Webber, 1984), arguing for the ¿sheer necessity of supervision¿ (Garland, 2002) during the Social Care Practitioner¿s journey as a cornerstone of best practice, creativity and future career development during uncertain times. An engagement with processes of supervision becomes an integral and essential aspect of learning during which the dilemmas presented become alive carrying with them insights, assimilation of knowledge, an awareness of ethical responsibilities, vulnerability and corporeal exposure.