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Carol Moran
Sligo Regional Hospital Research & Education Conference 2015
Building social capital through sport
Sligo, Ireland
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Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership (SSRP) has co-ordinated the Cranmore Regeneration through Sport Initiative since 2006. SSRP work with partner agencies including Sligo County Council, Cranmore Regeneration Office, Cranmore Co-Operative Society and the Health Services Executive, to promote physical activity and health for residents of the Cranmore Estate. In addition they are integral in helping the residents to use sport as a tool for developing their community and building capacity in the area. This poster examines the lived experience of people who have been involved in the delivery of this programme and also those who have availed of the opportunities presented through the initiative. The aim was to determine the extent to which sport is helping to build social capital in the community. Qualitative data were gathered through focus groups with various stakeholders in the community and those involved in the co-ordination of the initiative; observation was undertaken by the researcher through participation in one of the sports programmes and quantitative data on participation rates were gathered from SSRP reports. It was found that morale in the community has improved as a result of the regeneration of the physical and social environment. Confidence has improved for participants across the various demographic profiles. Integration within the community has increased and education in relation to anti-racism and anti-bullying has been undertaken as well as educational activities related to healthy eating and healthy heart initiatives. Active leadership, coaching skills, first aid, child protection and ethics training have been provided to members of the local community; all of which are helping to build capacity in the community.
Sligo Sports & Recreation Partnership