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Litsardakis, George and Manolakis, Ioannis and Stergiou, Anagnostis C. and Serletis, Christos and Efthimiadis, Kostantinos G.
New Dy-Substituted Ba Hexaferrites With High Coercivity
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Single-phase hexaferrite compounds were obtained in a novel series of Dy-substituted Ba hexaferrites with nominal formula (Ba1-xDyx)O . 5.25 Fe2O3 (x=0-0.30). The samples were prepared by the chemical coprecipitation method from nitrate precursors and calcination at T=900-1200 degrees C for 2 h. Analysis of XRD powder patterns shows that all samples are M-type hexagonal ferrites, with Fe2O3 only impurities, indicating the incorporation of Dy in the hexaferrite structure. Single-phase compounds are obtained at T=900-1100 degrees C, for a x range up to 0.05-0.15. Fe2O3 is found from traces up to 20\%, for higher temperature and x values. Magnetization at 1.8 T decreases with x, but coercivity remains high at values close to 400-440 kA/m in most cases, regardless of the x value and impurity content. The high coercivity values related to the presence of Dy may be attributed to microstructural effects such as grain growth inhibition or to variation of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy.
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