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Bree, R., Antropova, O., Healy, E., Maguire, M., McGee, C., Faller, D., Harding, N., Mulvihill, A., Brazil, D., Dowling, D., Kavanagh, Y., Noonan, G., Akande, A., Doyle, D., Plunkett, N., & Bird, J.
The all Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
., The TEAM project: Insights from investigating and enhancing assessment in science and health practical sessions with digital technologies.
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In Higher Education, science and health degree programmes involve significant practical elements. In many cases, students spend as much time in practical or clinical skill sessions each week as they do in classroom based lectures. These hands-on sessions engage students, develop both soft and technical skills, while allowing theory to be put into practice. However, in many cases, the design, assessment and feedback aspects of practical sessions has not received the attention warranted, with traditional approaches often persisting. This paper discusses a nationally funded, multi-institution enhancement project focused on implementing and evaluating digital technologies to enhance assessment in science and health practical sessions. Via an initial baseline analysis, four thematic areas were identified for pilot development: [1] Pre-practical videos combined with online/app quizzes, [2] Electronic lab notebooks, [3] Digital Feedback and [4] Rubrics. In collaboration with student partner groups, employers and academic staff, the TEAM (Technology Enhanced Assessment Methods) project designed and implemented 42 pilots in practical sessions across the four partner colleges, engaging almost 1,600 students. In this paper, the key lessons identified during the baseline analysis which informed the project, as well as those from the subsequent survey and focus group evaluation of participantsí pilot experiences, will be presented. Overall, the implementation of TEAM has represented a major success across the partner colleges, providing a strong foundation for continuous, iterative improvements in this field.
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